Benedicts, Norwich

Benedicts is a modern British restaurant in Norwich, opened by Richard Bainbridge, winner of the Great British Menu 2015.

“When it came to getting new fridges in at Benedicts, I was really passionate at getting the best and when it came to finding Foster, I knew these were the fridges for us,” said Richard Bainbridge, Chef Patron of Benedicts. “The EcoPro G2 is the Rolls Royce and I’m really proud to say they’re in my kitchen.”

Richard went on to say, “In this day and age, you want to look for something that is energy efficient, that’s reliable, that’s stylish and does the job well, and I think Foster fridges do all that.”

“For a restaurant, refrigeration is huge, because you can’t do your daily job without it so for me, to get the best is hugely important and that’s why Foster is the one for me.”

The site features two EcoPro G2 EP700H refrigerated cabinets, one EcoPro G2 EP700L freezer cabinet, five EcoPro G2 EP1/2H refrigerated counters, and one LR150 freezer undercounter.