Fernandez Grillhouse

Foster | 0% Interest Free Credit success

When Kawsar Miah, Joe Marson and Rayhan Miah opened their first restaurant in 2013, the Fernandez Grillhouse in Loughborough, the young entrepreneurs needed a helping hand to cover the hefty costs of decking out a completely new site. Choosing Foster Refrigerator as the brand offered them the chance to buy the highest quality refrigeration, all under its 0% Interest Free Credit scheme.

It was this early support and flexibility which prompted the business partners to chose Foster products again, when setting up their latest venture, the new Fernandez Grill House, in Friar Lane Leicester.

Kawsar Miah said the support from Foster was a huge help in the business’ infancy: “Refrigeration is a massive part of the restaurant business, and for Foster to support a small restaurant like us was great. Being totally self-funded, Foster genuinely helped us to get the restaurant started.

A lot of start-ups would go down the cheap road when fitting out their first kitchen, but

we wanted quality, durability and reliability, and Foster’s Interest Free Credit has allowed us to invest in great products that we know will last.

“Foster’s Interest free credit isn’t like many other financial support offerings - you know there are no strings attached, no massive down payments or end-term fees to pay and without doubt it helped contribute to the success of our first restaurant.”

New venture – trusted support

They returned to the brand for their latest venture in Leicester. The new Fernandez Grillhouse site, opened in March 2016 and is a refurbishment of an iconic Leicester building, formerly known as The Bankers Club in the city’s conservation area. The area has seen a lot of investment since the arrival of the new Richard III Memorial, and the restaurant is at the hub of this development, with a seating capacity of 122, creating 45 new jobs.

Joe Marson said when it came to the kitchen refrigeration, Foster was their only choice: “As our sights turned to a second restaurant,

we remembered the level of service and support Foster gave, so when the time came to buying refrigeration, we went straight to them.”

The new casual dining site has basement kitchens, for which they chose a Foster chest freezer, three Eco Pro G2 counter refrigerators, two Foster Slimline cabinet units, and a Foster Pan Chiller.

Kawsar said: “Our kitchen set up is of utmost importance to us in order to deliver an efficient service. Our first restaurant has limited kitchen space and this has enabled us to understand how to best utilise the space. This new kitchen is approximately 4 to 5 times the size of our first restaurant, so much bigger.

“The position of all the kit is important and we met with the Foster team several times, to measure out different spaces for the units – even re-doing the plans 3-4 times until we had the perfect set up. When you are serving 60-70 covers in one go it is essential the kitchen is set up in a way that enables us to work efficiently and we really respect the consultation offered by the Foster team.”