28 July 2020

NEWS: Foster and Gamko doubles interest-free credit offering

Struggling operators are set to receive some much-needed support after Foster and Gamko announced it was doubling its interest-free credit offering.

The bigger and better scheme means customers will have now have 24 months, double the time under the old scheme, to pay for the company’s market-leading refrigeration and chilling equipment. Plus, they have the added benefit of a three-month payment holiday.

“We’re really pleased to launch this offer, because we know it will help so many kitchen and bar operators,” said Ewen Cairns, UK Sales Manager for Foster and Gamko. “The industry is facing hard times during this pandemic, and we wanted to remind operators and dealers that we’re here to support you.

“As part of the expanded scheme we are also offering a three-month payment holiday. That’s three months of your product working for you for free. The payment will then be spread across the remaining contract period, so if your agreement is over 24 months, the payment will be split over 21 months. And of course, you will own the equipment at the end of it.”

Unlike other third-party credit schemes, the Foster and Gamko interest-free service is backed by a division of parent company ITW limited, a specialist in handling credit applications. With no third parties involved, the company can offer this service without any hidden charges, there is no admin fee and no need for a deposit.