Carbon Footprint

As a holder of the Carbon Trust Standard, Foster measures all of the energy we use in the business, this includes items like; gas and electricity right through to every bus, taxi or train journey by an employee during the course of their work. Figures are compiled on a monthly basis using current Carbon Trust calculations to give an accurate carbon emissions figure for every product produced. These figures are audited and verified by the Carbon Trust at the end of each two-year certification period. The figures show that Foster has successfully reduced the Carbon footprint of each cabinet produced by an average of 13% over the past three years. We measure our carbon footprint based on the Carbon Trust definitions and are calculated and verified to the Carbon Trust Level 2 scope.

Foster Refrigerator was initially awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2009. The Carbon Trust Standard is the de facto mark of commitment to carbon reduction and it was a key objective of the organisation to achieve the tough standards necessary for re-certification, a difficult undertaking given the growth in the size of the business since the original certification was achieved. 

Foster has set a carbon energy reduction target of 2.5% year on year. Carbon Trust recertification was achieved through a sustained team effort with ease and the overall approach is considered an excellent example of an on-going, integrated continual improvement process that is resulting in lower energy usage, more sustainable products and processes and reduced carbon emissions from operations.

By retaining the Carbon Trust Standard, Foster is able to prove that by measuring energy usage, engaging staff, and encouraging new ways of thinking and working, it can significantly reduce its environmental impact. Foster Refrigerator has been recertified with the Carbon Trust Standard for successfully measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions across its manufacturing operations.

Did you know...Foster products are over 98% recyclable?

In conjunction with our recycling partner, Foster has developed a process that ensures all but a tiny fraction of your old Foster product is recycled and reused.

Local Servicing And Maintenance

Foster partners with regional refrigeration dealers to provide local (low carbon miles) service. All our service partner technicians attend the Foster Service Training in order to ensure that the highest of standards are maintained.