Eco Design

Effective from July 2016, many types of commercial refrigeration sold in Europe will display new energy labels in accordance with the Ecodesign directive, also known as ErP and MEPS. This legislation has been introduced to help lower the energy consumption of refrigeration systems in order to reduce carbon emissions.

What does this mean for our customers?

Well, we will continue to offer customers our already compliant product range at the same price. In a time of change for many manufacturers, Foster Refrigerator, along with sister company Gamko, have little to report on the subject of the new ecodesign directive. Both provide award winning product ranges which are energy efficient and already compliant with the new Ecodesign regulations. Over the past 5 decades, investments in testing facilities, low energy refrigeration systems and efficient design have always been a primary objective, driving market-leading innovation in our industry.

The table below helps explain the price difference across the grade bands for a two door counter, and what this actually mean in terms of the amount you’ll pay for your unit’s energy.