We understand nothing is as important to caterers as food safety. As a leading industry specialist and guardian of effective food hygiene, we prepared a number of Papers to help you get the very latest low-down on the rules and regulations. Email for further information.

Our range of Green Papers are focused on energy & environmentally issues relevant to our industry. These documents are designed to let you know the very latest information regarding energy and the environment. Including:

Each covers the subject matter in great detail, and are an absolute must for any caterer.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

HACCP is an internationally recognised and recommended system of food safety management.

We have a HACCP Blue Paper explaining the requirements of these laws and how they could affect you. The legislation requires that all food businesses, regardless of size, put in place, implement and maintain food safety management procedures based on HACCP principles. The Blue Paper looks at the impact of the legislation and gives handy hints and tips on how catering businesses can comply with the rules, particularly around refrigerated food storage, blast chilling and freezing as well as thawing.