The Best Commercial Display Fridges for Your Business

Commercial displays fridges are a great way to present and store the range of products that your business offers. The type of refrigerated display cabinet you need will depend on the type of business you own or manage and the purpose the fridge needs to serve.


Service type

Business type

Content examples


Shops and cafes

Cold drinks, sandwiches and salads, dairy-based snacks

Over the counter service

Cafes and restaurants, bakeries, butchers & delis

Sandwiches and salads, cakes and desserts, cheese and charcuterie

Waiter/waitress or back bar service

Restaurants, cafes and pubs

Wine, beer and soft drinks



Self-service display fridges

Made for consumers that need to buy an on-the-go drink or snack, self-service display fridges offer optimal storage and presentation space. They come in varying widths and heights. We have a slimline range, for example, for businesses with little floorspace, and the tallest displays are still short enough for a person of average height to access the top shelf.


Open vs closed fridges

There are two main types of self-service display fridge: open and closed. As always, the type you need will depend on its use and the needs of the customer.


Open fridges

These display fridges have no door, lending themselves to speedy self-service – perfect for customers in a rush.


If you’d like to keep your displayed food and drink covered out-of-hours, some self-service display fridges, including our own ranges, can be purchased with rollershutters. This is a great option if you only offer self-service from the display chiller on certain days or at certain times – a signal to the customer that the fridge is not to be accessed.


Another option for open display fridges is a frameless door. These can be used to help reduce the energy lost through the fully open fridge, while still offering a speedy self-service options for customers.


Closed fridges

This is the perfect fridge for shop drinks and another great option for cafes and restaurants with self-service areas. Unlike the open fridges, these models have a door with a rubber seal around the frame, ensuring the refrigerated air is kept securely inside the unit while not in use. This helps to prevent energy waste and maintain temperature.


There are many options when choosing a closed display fridge. You may like one with a built-in light to assist customers when shopping for goods – this can help them to see the produce before opening the door, keeping cold air-loss to a minimum.


You can also find them in a range of sizes. For example, we offer single door and double door models that also come with wheels, making it easy to rearrange your shop floor or service areas.


Undercounter display fridges

Not every shop, cafe or restaurant has the luxury of space, so being able to tuck away cold drinks and snacks under the sales counter is ideal. Even business owners who do have space to play with might consider an undercounter display fridge – it’s great for last-minute impulse purchases at the till.


Undercounter fridges are closed door display fridges built for enclosed areas. With vents at the front – usually at the bottom – the units can be easily stored flush against a wall. Different shapes and sizes are available, such as a 150-litre, single door fridge or a 360-litre, double door option.


If you do have more room within your business, a larger undercounter display fridge doesn’t necessarily have to be a larger expense. Our economical range of EcoPro G2 counters can save you money in the long-term with its energy efficient credentials. The range is also a great choice for in-kitchen use – allowing chefs to easily locate and access fresh produce.


Display refrigerator cabinets

This type of refrigerated cabinet, also known as an assisted service display chiller, is ideal for showing customers what’s on offer while maintaining health and safety standards. You can use them to store and display:

  • Meats, olives or cheeses in a deli
  • Sandwiches and baguettes in a cafe
  • Cakes and pastries in a bakery.


While bottled drinks and wrapped foods are fine for customers to handle, fresh unwrapped produce should be kept away from wandering fingers. Nobody wants to risk that the meat they are buying from the butchers has been handled by five previous interested customers.


Rather than self-service, these cabinets are great options for over-counter service. They have a front glass pane and an open back. This allows the customer to or request the food they would like and for hygiene-trained staff to serve it to them on a plate or in the appropriate packaging.