We have launched an augmented reality smart phone app in an industry first move called innoeye.  The app is available to download onto android and apple devices, hosting a range of features, the most notable being augmented reality.  


The app allows you to view a range of things, including product information and animations to get an in-depth look at the features and workings on the +stayclear condenser.

You can clearly see the condenser’s innovative ‘Aerofoil tube’ design, which drastically increases surface heat exchange, allowing greater airflow. This reduces stress on the compressor and extends the life of the refrigerator. 

A split screen function on the app allows side-by-side comparison of airflow in a traditional condenser, along-side the +stayclear condenser, giving clear comparisons before people make a purchase.  

Using the camera on your device, the app allows you to direct it at a specified target, such as a the inside cover of our price list to bring up a realistic projection of the +stayclear condenser onto the screen.

When the app is in progress, you can view a 360 degree model of our award-winning +stayclear condenser, so you can see a detailed version of the product and its features, in an engaging and flexible way.  

If you're one of our authorised dealers, please download your free target here, so you can use the app to show your customers why Foster is the first choice for refrigeration. Please note that when printing your free target, A3 landscape will produce the most effective results!