Green Papers

We understand nothing is as important to caterers as food safety. As a leading industry specialist and guardian of effective food hygiene, we prepared a number of Green Papers to help you get the very latest low-down on the rules and regulations. Email for further information.

Our range of Green Papers focus on energy & environmental issues relevant to the food industry and are an absolute must for any caterer. These documents, in PDF format, are designed to let you know the very latest information regarding energy and the environment which includes:

Energy Efficiency

Our Energy Efficiency Green Paper looks at ways you can save energy on your refrigeration. This includes tips such as minimising door openings, cooling food by blast chilling before putting it into your fridge and more. It also offers general energy saving tips in the kitchen and how using renewable energy sources can help save energy and the environment. The Green Paper also looks at how choosing a refrigerator with an energy efficient design will minimise energy consumption.

Hydrocarbons in Refrigeration

Our Hydrocarbons in Refrigeration Green Paper looks at how The Climate Change Levy affects your business and how using eco-friendly refrigeration systems like hydrocarbon will help to minimise the Levy’s impact on your business. It also explores the environmental benefits of hydrocarbons which include how using hydrocarbons can reduce energy consumption by up to 15% to save you money and energy.

The Climate Change Levy

Our Climate Change Levy (CCL) Green Paper defines what it is and describes how it can affect your business. It also offers useful tips about how you can minimise energy consumption by using energy efficient refrigerants. Our Green Paper also offers useful links so you can find out more about the Climate Change Levy and how it might affect you, and how you can set about reducing energy consumption.