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Top tips for maintaining your
Foster product

chef cleaning kitchen top table with G3 counters

Cleaning your product

Prior to cleaning ensure that correct PPE is being used for the task being completed. Cleaning should be carried out periodically as required depending on application.

Switch off the product and remove all products, racking and shelves. Care should be taken with the racking and shelves being inspected for any signs of damage resulting in sharp edges and ensure that body parts do not come into contact with cold surfaces. 

When cleaning a freezer, it is recommended that the internal temperature is allowed to increase to above freezing prior to cleaning. Wash all internal and external surfaces with a mild liquid detergent diluted as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse surfaces with clean water and dry thoroughly. 

Never use wire wool or other abrasive substances or high alkaline cleaning agents (e.g. bleach, acid, or chlorine) as they can damage the product.  When the cabinet has been cleaned and dried refit the racking and shelves. Switch the product back on and allow the temperature to achieve normal operating temperature prior to restocking with product.

Cable care

The mains cable on your product can become damaged or worn.  A damaged mains cable can be dangerous, and we recommend that you periodically inspect your product’s mains cable for signs of wear or damage. Make sure to disconnect the cable from the power supply before doing this. Inspect for damage, this could be for example where the cable has been crushed by the wheels of this or another appliance, or the outer sheath is broken exposing the internal cables.

If there are signs of damage you should not use the product and arrange to have the cable replaced by a suitably trained engineer.

Cable care

Gasket maintenance

A well sealing door gasket is essential to ensure efficient and effective operation of your product. The gasket should be checked periodically for signs of damage such as splitting. Where the gasket is damaged or split these can be purchased from the spares department.

The gasket should also be cleaned to ensure no food debris is present in the structure of the gasket. Clean with a mild liquid detergent diluted as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. 

Cleaning your condenser

We would recommend that the condenser grill on your product is cleaned by vacuuming each week.  In addition to this, the condenser on your product should be cleaned at regular intervals by a suitably trained engineer to help ensure the efficient, reliable operation of your product. The frequency of this will depend on many factors however we recommend that for traditional condenser that this is carried out every 6 to 12 months. Where Foster’s +stayclear is fitted this period can be extended depending on application. The exact period between maintenance visits should be discussed with your engineer who can advise you based on your application.

Foster can provide schedule maintenance. For more information contact the service department.


Foster’s +stayclear condenser