chef prepares ingredients on top of EcoPro G3 counter

Protecting you from the dangers of unsafe
food storage

Foster Shield provides advanced temperature control and hygienic design, protecting from the dangers of unsafe food storage.


Why is Foster Shield so innovative?

There are two critical parts to ensuring the food safety of your fridge: Accurate and consistent temperature control, and hygiene.

Developed at our in-house test facility, the G3 leads the market in two areas, which we’ve combined as a technology we’re calling Foster Shield.

With air distribution optimised by CFD design technology, efficient operation is assured, even when shelves are fully loaded.

Part of Foster Shield is the G3’s new redesigned refrigeration system, combined with intelligent airflow design.

Foster Shield
close up view of fan

It uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which is a high-level technology that’s designed to accurately map airflow and temperature distribution.

It’s usually used in Formula One and Aerospace – and now in refrigeration, which is how the G3 achieves this level of food-safe temperature performance.

The pioneering airflow redesign means G3 performs as the market leader when it comes to food safety, especially in tough kitchen environments.

Without good airflow design, food risks being stored at unsafe temperatures – a major issue for EHO’s and, ultimately critical for any customers eating your food.


How it works:



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