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Foster launches G2 Short


This weekend, Foster have launched the latest addition to the EcoPro G2 family: The G2 Short.

The G2 Short can pass through standard doorways (measuring 1960x760mm) without the need for tilting, and with swivel brake castors there is no need for compromising mobility. Perfect for low ceilings, the Short requires just 100mm space above the cabinet rather than the usual 300mm.

“The G2 Short is the latest exciting new addition to the G2 family,” said Gareth Hunt, Senior Product Manager for Foster and Gamko. “The G2 short is a prime example of our approach to new product development, continuously improving our product portfolio in response to our customers’ needs.”

Previously when low ceiling heights have been an issue, traditional undermount cabinets have been the go-to solution, where the fridge system is located at the bottom of the product. The new G2 Short now solves this problem, and in doing so offers greater usable capacity (439 litres) compared to undermount solutions (411 litres), whilst utilising all the benefits of a top-mounted refrigeration system.

Fitted with our award-winning +stayclear condenser, the G2 Short offers the same fantastic energy credentials, like being cheaper to run than a traditional lightbulb, made standard by its bigger brother.

And best of all? With superior energy credentials the G2 Short is easier on your pocket than its undermount counterpart, delivering between 33% -50% annual energy savings based on ErP testing.

To find out more, watch our G2 Short video below.

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