Why we have a duty as suppliers to support
and educate customers


Operators are understandably distracted by capital outlay but it’s critical for suppliers and dealers to get them thinking about the bigger picture, writes Rebecca Vincent, UK commercial director at Foster and Gamko

There’s no shortage of documentation on the current crisis pervading the catering equipment and wider hospitality industry. Inflation is on the rise, prices are increasing and overall customer basket spend is down.

As businesses across the sector consider their financial prospects for the year ahead, the overwhelming sensation is one of uncertainty.

When it comes to buying new catering equipment, conversations we’ve had with our dealer partners are uncovering that the current conditions are provoking an element of anxiety in some operators.

We’re hearing that some are trading down, concerned that their purchasing options are limited, or – worse still – worried that that their business may not survive in the short term.

Given the times, it’s easy to understand this growing trend, but we have a duty as suppliers to support and educate customers. Operators are understandably distracted by the capital outlay, but it’s critical to think about the bigger picture and consider things like total cost of ownership or the weight of energy smart innovation poured into modern machines.

Fridges – which run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – are the ultimate silent partners. Never turned off like an oven or dishwasher, their energy consumption is an element that every buyer should be considering when purchasing a new model.

That’s when finance options – like our interest-free credit – can really come into their own and help operators who may be worrying about costs to continue to make smart choices and keep cash flowing through the business.

Business owners are constantly asking themselves about the best use of their money and options like our interest-free credit give operators real flexibility.

It’s a finance plan that can really benefit multi-sites, many of which have had to increase the threshold at which they choose to replace rather than repair, which could push repairs to up to 75% of the cost of replacement in some cases. Interest-free credit gives the purchasing power back to buyers, allowing them to invest in new units rather than continually patch up worn-out equipment.

Ultimately, being able to buy new, cost-efficient products means operators’ daily, weekly and monthly outgoings are reduced and, as a result, so is the product’s total life cost. We even offer a three-month payment holiday to support businesses at a time when every penny counts.

Ensuring the efficiency of our refrigeration products – and the kitchens surrounding them – has always been a priority.

It’s why we recently released our Energy Hack Toolkit to help educate the market on shorter-term strategies and money-saving tips. It’s full of wins, both big and small.


Originally written for Catering Insight.

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