Blast Chillers and Freezers

As the first company to introduce blast chilling to the industry, we offer a superb range of blast chillers and freezers, including our blast chillers and occasional freezers range. These are specially designed with a tray loading feature to utilise storage space and guarantee food safety. By swiftly reducing the temperature of food, our blast chillers and shock freezers ensure cooked food retains its quality.

Features and Benefits

The innovative Foster blast chilling and freezing range features a host of design features and benefits allowing caterers to chill food efficiently and safely, time and time again. From the Touchpad Cabinet models to the economic XTRA and Controlled Thaw Cabinets, Foster always integrates food safety into our equipment design. Visit our 'what is blast chilling?' page to discover the basics of blast chilling and freezing.

The trolley loading cabinet blast chillers are designed specifically for combi trolley compatibility and combined with the modular blast chillers and blast freezers, are ideal for volume catering and processing. Energy efficiency and a reduction on our environmental impact is at the heart of what we do, as such, Ecodesign energy data is monitored and published for your information.