Cabinet Fridges & Freezers

We supply a range of high-quality chiller cabinets and cabinet freezers, from slimline cabinets to our innovative EcoPro G3 cabinets. These feature cutting-edge refrigeration technology, making them energy efficient and reliable. With more than 50 innovations and performance features, our G3 range are also fitted with our +stayclear condenser which helps increase product life, reduce energy consumption and improve food safety.

Built using the latest refrigeration technology

All of our chilled cabinets and cabinet freezers have been built using the latest refrigeration technology - including the G3 range which features our innovative +stayclear condenser. Designed with aerofoil tube technology, this condenser reduces blockages and the build-up of dirt, keeping the unit clean and reliable for longer.

As the UK's first commercial refrigeration manufacturer to attain the Carbon Trust Standard, we’re proud to offer a vast selection of reliable, energy efficient and eco-friendly products which feature cutting-edge technology. Supplying the royal estate for more than 25 years, our innovative products have even earned Foster Refrigerator the Royal Warrant for Suppliers of Commercial Refrigeration.

With an acute attention to detail and a passion for refrigeration solutions, we strive to deliver the most reliable and cost-effective commercial refrigeration units on the market.

Cabinet refrigeration solutions for any commercial environment

Specifically made for commercial environments, we offer plenty of innovative designs and styles to suit your needs. From our commercial heated cabinets designed to easily manoeuvre heated products to the point of service, to our bakery storage cabinets which are great for busy bakeries, there are plenty of products available to complement your business. Both our single door and double door EcoPro G3 cabinets come in an array of designs – perfect for any space. So whether you’re looking for a pass through cabinet which features a door on each side, or a standard fish cabinet, Foster is able to help you find the perfect product for you. If space is at a premium, our slimline freezers and fridges are a great option, as are the XTRA slimline cabinets which are perfect for small businesses like local cafés. With both the environment and customer in mind, our commercial fridge cabinets and slim freezers are not only eco-friendly but reliable and cost-effective – perfect for any business.