Storage freezers

Choosing the right option for you

Commercial freezers are an essential part of a busy professional kitchen to store foods for a longer period of time and can come in many shapes and sizes. So how do you choose what’s right for you?

Some things to consider...

How much space you have available?

The size of your kitchen will dictate how much space you have available for storage. If your kitchen is small with awkward spaces, then a Slimline freezer would work for you, or a freezer counter such as an EcoPro G3 means that it will be closer to hand.

If you have space within the kitchen or closeby, you could consider a walk-in coldroom

How much produce will you be freezing?

Depending on your menu and how many covers you typically have a week, the amount of produce you need to store will obviously impact the size of freezer you need. If you only need a small amount then a standard freezer storage upright cabinet or undercounter storage cabinet may be best. If you require something larger we have double door freezers, counters or chest freezers. If you have the space available, and need more, a walk-in freezer.

Do you freeze produce continuously or is it only now and again?

If you don’t freeze produce that often, then perhaps consider a dual temperature product like our FlexDrawer, which allows you to switch from fridge to freezer (and back again!) at the press of a button. This gives you extra flexibility and doesn’t waste any of your precious kitchen space.

We also offer high/low refrigeration which offers refrigerator and freezer temperatures in the same cabinet - perfect for when space is at a premium.