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We've been in the refrigeration game for over 50 years, serving the hospitality industry and working with experts in each discipline, so we've created a place to share that knowledge with you. 

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Kitchen design

Which fridge is right for my kitchen?

This can depend on your menu, environment, type of food you'll be storing and how heavy the usage will be... read more

Types of commercial kitchen layout

Knowing what you’ll be serving and how will help you decide which layout is best for you... read more

Key considerations

Here are some additional commercial kitchen design tips to consider... read more

Five pillars of a commercial kitchen

This article will help you achieve the optimum commercial kitchen layout, no matter how big your kitchen is or how many staff you have... read more

Commercial Kitchen Equipment List

Kenneth Hansen

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant for the first time, considering all the equipment you will need in your kitchen can be overwhelming... read more.

Choosing your freezer

Commercial freezers are an essential part of a busy professional kitchen to store foods for a longer period of time and can come in many... read more.

Choosing commercial display refrigeration

Commercial displays fridges are a great way to present and store the range of products that your business offers, but there are... read more


Energy saving


Energy saving toolkit

Read about our genius, money saving hacks and how to employ our ground-breaking products, built for energy saving... read more

10 Energy Saving Tips for Restaurants

Energy saving tips for restaurants: how to reduce energy consumption in your restaurant... read more


Why are the new EcoDesign grades for display refrigeration and bottle coolers not the same as the grades for storage equipment... read more

Refrigeration experts

Fridge facts

Ever wondered what people used before refrigerators, or what the difference between commercial and domestic refrigeration... read more