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Specialist refrigeration perfect for dedicated purposes. 

Packed full of innovation for the most demanding kitchens


Bakery cabinets

A range of specialist bakery equipment provides superb standards of reliability, hygiene and temperature control.

Designed for bakeries
Designed to take 30” x 18” trays

Food safe
304 is the gold standard in performance stainless steel and our unique polishing system means the heaviest touchpoints in a kitchen are covered.

Provides ideal storage of all the ingredients required in a busy bakery

Refrigerator temperature between +1ºC & +4ºC suitable for high risk dairy products

full height view of bakery cabinet from a side angle

Mobile heated cabinet

Mobile heated cabinets ideal for transporting heated product to the point of service.

full hight view of a mobile heated cabinet viewed from an angle so that the hand grip is visible

Our heated cabinets can maintain +70ºC for up to one hour without power (depending on food type and quantity).

Easy to manoeuvre and reliable, our heated cabinets are ideal for transporting heated products to the point of service.

Humidity reservoir
Built in humidity reservoir keeps heated food in perfect condition prior to service.

No cold spots
Fan assisted heating and insulated cabinet ensures uniform temperature for food holding.

Gastronorm roll in cabinet

Roll in cabinets provide useful trolley loading refrigerated storage. Our range stores large quantities of chilled or cooked food quickly and easily. 

Roll in refrigeration minimises food handling, increasing the level of hygiene and food safety.

High capacity
Industry leading design offers the maximum storage capacity on the smallest possible footprint.

Easy to clean. The storage compartment has smooth surfaces and coved corners with separate fan housings.

A range of trolleys, shelves and pans are available.

empty glass door gastronorm roll in cabinet viewed from an angle

Chest freezers

With all the quality characteristics associated with Foster products, these robust, large capacity chest freezers are finished in a white laminate exterior with aluminium interior and a stainless steel lid for increased protection. Suitable for ice cream storage.

front view of chest freezer with lid down

Control panel with ‘on’ light, thermometer and quick freeze switch for simple control.

Our chest freezers have integrated locks for security.

Our chest freezers are designed with stainless steel lids for increased protection.

Perfect for hot kitchens
Climate Class 5, for operation up to 40˚C ambient temperature.


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