The internationally recognised and recommended system of food safety management is known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, or HACCP.

We have a HACCP White Paper explaining the requirements of these laws and how they could affect you. The legislation requires that all food businesses, regardless of size, put in place, implement and maintain food safety management procedures based on HACCP principles. The White Paper:

  • defines what HACCP and explores how this new legislation will affect both small and major catering businesses
  • explores how small catering businesses can set up a food safety management system
  • covers where you can access your local information packs, whether your business is located in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales
  • offers a detailed outline of England’s “Safer food, better business” (SFBB) system
  • offers handy hints and tips on how catering businesses can comply with the rules, particularly around refrigerated food storage, blast chilling and freezing as well as thawing
  • explores the legislation’s key points and requirements
  • looks at the benefits of the new HACCP requirements

Our White Paper also includes a checklist based on the SFBBs Safe Method Fact Sheets to help caterers ensure their business meets the latest food safety requirements. These areas include cooking, chilling, cleaning, cross-contamination, and management. Our White Paper also highlights the main changes the HACCP system may make to your business. For instance, waste management must be environmentally friendly.

Want to know more? 

We have some quick fact pages dedicated to answering all your food hygiene and compliance questions. Find out more here: