abstract view of a Slimline cabinet




Slender design with big

Refrigeration so slim that even a double door Slimline can fit through most single pedestrian doorways.

front view of double door Slimline cabinet with both doors closed
single door slimline cabinet with door closed viewed from an angle


Packed full of innovation for the most
demanding kitchens

The Foster Slimline range of cabinets have been cleverly designed to fit in compact or awkwardly shaped kitchen environments, whilst still offering outstanding storage capacity, style and efficiency.


Slimline storage cabinets

Bottom mounted refrigeration system draws air from the cooler part of the kitchen ensuring efficient operation.

Stainless steel exterior finish with 304 stainless steel door provides a durable product suitable for tough kitchen usage.

Perfect for hot kitchens 
High quality forced air refrigeration system will operate up to 40ºC (ISO Climate Class 5).

Even temperature distribution and fast recovery achieved by advanced air circulation, meaning an optimum temperature to keep your food fresher for longer.

Glass door
Glass door models use energy efficient LED lighting for clear display and can operate in ambient temperature of up to 25°C.

front view of double door Slimline cabinet with both doors closed



Take a look inside the Slimline

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