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Buying guides


How to choose your coldroom


Whether you’re considering performance, longevity or environmental impact, Foster coldrooms are built differently... read more

Product selection guide

Learn more about the Foster and Gamko product range... read more


Buying guide: Freezers

Commercial freezers are an essential part of a busy professional kitchen to store foods for a longer period of time and can come in many... read more.


Training guides


Video: How to use your blast chiller and freezer

Learn how to prepare to use your blast chiller, how to select the right programme for your food type and what happens at the end of a blast chiller more

Learn the Basics of Blast Chilling and Freezing

Department of Health Guidelines state that to safely Blast Chill food its temperature must be reduced from +70ºC to +3ºC or below within 90 minutes... read more


The dos and don'ts of blast chilling

We've put together some handy tips of how to use your blast chiller or blast freezer in the best way... read more

How to site survey

Before ordering your product, there are a few initial checks we recommend you carry out... read more


Food Safety Training Guide for Employees


To meet food health and safety regulations, adequate staff training is essential. Read this article to learn what the law says about food hygiene, industry best practices and what each level... read more


Storage guides


Safe food storage

loaf of meet

10 simple guidelines to help you store products safely in your refrigerator... read more

Storing Fish, Meat and Poultry Safely

Food-poisoning bacteria can grow and multiply on some types of food more easily than others. Unfortunately, fish, meat and poultry are among those in this high-risk group... read more


Foods that cause confusion

Ever wondered whether you should store eggs, ketchup and fruit in the fridge? Our guide to best practice is here... read more