Walk In Fridges

We offer an excellent range of walk in coldrooms, including our custom configuration coldrooms which are built bespoke to you and your business needs, while always keeping in mind reliability and energy efficiency. Our Proline range is also available in a selection of sizes to suit every space, and can feature multiple add-ons to help you personalise your coldstore.

Walk in fridges used by the best


Designed by the very best engineers and specialists using the latest chilling technology, our walk in fridges and freezers are created by the best, for the best. Our products are used by some of the most recognisable professional chefs and restaurateurs in the country, as can be seen in our case studies. 


We also provide the royal estate with our commercial, innovative products – earning Foster the Royal Warrant for Suppliers of Commercial Refrigeration. Having served the royal estate for more than 25 years now, we are proud to be amongst the 800 Royal Warrant holders, each with a commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence in their fields.


Fully customisable solutions


Our walk in fridges can be customised to meet the exact needs of any business. No matter what kind of space you’re working with, our custom walk in fridges have been designed to suit any commercial environment. 


Our customisable Proline range for example, utilises the available space by giving you complete control of door positioning, coldroom height and dimension. Our personalised Proline range is available in an array of sizes to suit any space, and also features LED lights for maximum light output and low running costs. 


Choose from our Proline range and you’ll also get access to range of add-ons designed to further personalise your walk in fridge. Reliable and customisable, our Proline range is great for businesses where space is at a premium. 


We also offer a variety of custom configuration walk in fridges. These are built to customer specifications, with energy efficiency and reliability at the very heart of design. These options give you all the benefits you would expect from a tailor-made coldstore at an affordable price.